Photograph by Adam Tidswell from Dave Williams Photography

Readers and Intercessors Rota

If you are un able to take your turn, please arrange a swap or contact Clare Temple.

To maintain appropriate distancing, readers and intercessors are asked to avoid entering the area around the nave alter, where the clergy are seated.

Please approach the lectern from the north aisle: walk around the back of the pillar with the fresco of St. john to access the lectern from the area under the organ.

Please return to your place via the north aisle.

Thank You.


22nd August, 12th Sunday after Trinity.     Reading – Alan Lees. Intercessions – Fr David

29th August, 13th Sunday after Trinity.     Reading – Jeremy Jones. Intercessions – Rachel Barlow

5th September, 14th Sunday after Trinity.     Reading – Clare Temple. Intercessions – Jeremy Jones

12th September, 15th Sunday after Trinity.     Reading – Judith Boyd. Intercessions – Clare Temple

19th September, Harvest Festival & 16th Sunday after Trinity.     Reading – Rachel Barlow. Intercessions – Rev. George

26th September, 17th Sunday after Trinity.     Reading – Simon Walley. Intercessions – Fr David

3rd October, Dedication Sunday & 18th Sunday after Trinity.     Reading – Rev. George. Intercessions – Rachel Barlow

10th October, 19th Sunday after Trinity.     Reading – John Temple. Intercessions – Jeremy Jones

17th October, 20th Sunday after Trinity.     Reading – Pete Avery. Intercessions – Clare Temple

24th October, Last Sunday after Trinity (Trinity 21).     Reading – Alan Lees. Intercessions – Judith Boyd

31st October, All Saints Sunday & 4th Sunday before Advent.     Reading – Jeremy Jones. Intercessions – Rev. George

7th November, 3rd Sunday before Advent.     Reading – Clare Temple. Intercessions – Rachel Barlow

14th November, Remembrance Sunday & 2nd Sunday before Advent.     Reading – Judith Boyd. Intercessions – Fr David

21st November, Christ the King Sunday next before Advent.     Reading – Rachel Barlow. Intercessions – Jeremy Jones

28th November, Advent Sunday.     Reading – Simon Walley. Intercessions – Judith Boyd