St John's Church

The most historic church in the City of Chester: The Parish Church – St John the Baptist.

Open Daily to all People

St John’s is open daily to visitors

Chester's Original Cathedral

St Johns Church Chester was the Cathedral and Collegiate Church of this City of Chester from 1075 until the Reformation in 1541


8.00am - Holy Communion (BCP)
10.00am - Principal Eucharist
Noon - Baptisms
6.30pm - Evensong (Compline last Sunday of the month)

10.00am - Holy Eucharist

12.00 noon - Holy Eucharist

St Johns Church, Chester

I welcome you to the website of St Johns Church Chester, set right in the heart of the Parish of Chester . Notably, we are one of the most historic churches in the City of Chester: The Parish Church – St John the Baptist.

St. Johns has much to offer by way of, first and foremost, witness of the Christian faith in this very secular age. This means that apart from our Services (and you can find details of these in the worship section), we are involved very much at the sharp end of Christian Witness. This includes our involvement with the Church of the Night, Chester Aid to the Homeless which the Parish actively supports and also with Cocaine Anonymous. This means that In St John’s we welcome people of all faiths and none, to share the peace that they offer in this busy rushing world.

St Johns Church Chester

Welcome to St. John’s Church

Everybody is welcome to our Services as in Jesus Christ there are no barriers of age, race, colour, class, creed, intellect, sexual orientation or anything else; we are the same, precious children of God. We also don’t care how you dress either; be it suit and smart clothes or jeans and trainers. Nor will we pounce on you as soon as you come through the door and try and rope you in to as many activities as we can – we will welcome you, help you and let you find your feet.

As far as Archaeology, Architecture and History are concerned St John’s particularly is unsurpassed and within this site you will find considerable detail ranging from solid facts to some rather ‘wacky’ legends. I hope you enjoy your visit and will come back again.

God Bless

Visiting St. Johns

St John’s is a working church holding a number of services throughout the week. The Lady Chapel is a space for people to light candles, leave prayers, and sit in quiet contemplation. We welcome visitors so that they can enjoy the architecture of this historic church.

Our opening times can be seen in the footer of this website.

We do not receive any funding from public or private sources to assist us in opening the church to the public. The people you meet are all volunteers and give their time for free. They are a few in number and consequently we can only open the church at certain times.

We can provide guided tours by arrangement, but there is generally someone on duty who can provide information about the church.

If you would like to arrange a tour, or check that the church will be open when you visit Chester, please email us.

Prayer Wall

Jesus Christ gave us a perfect example of prayer, in the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ and although his life was a hectic one he still found time to pray; and that one to one with God is something that we should value for ourselves.

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